Nestled in the hills of San Clemente in Southern California is Artifex Brewing; a microbrewery that has become a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. With plenty of competition in the way of bars and other breweries, the owners knew they had to do something beyond their multi-award-winning beers to stand out from the crowd.

Artifex Brewing features a tap room and bar area with seating for 40, as well as a beer garden with seating for 30. Additionally, the brewery can be used for private functions. They also have food trucks several nights a week which create a “standing-room-only” capacity crowd.


To deliver high quality sound at high volume levels throughout all areas, while dealing with challenging acoustics (concrete floor, stainless steel tanks) and allowing clearance so as not to obstruct the brewing equipment.

Low Volt Automation Technologies (LVAT) in Oceanside, California were awarded the project; and they turned to Sonance for their Professional Series range of Commercial Loudspeakers and DSP Amplifiers.


  • Full fidelity sound at very high SPL
  • Consistent volume levels throughout the premises
  • Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor sound
  • Aesthetic that would blend in with the open-ceiling plan and pendant lighting


“This was our first project with the new Sonance Professional Series, and it absolutely exceeded our expectations. Commercial integrators often accept the fact that 70 volt audio systems deliver average sound quality. Sonance Professional Series is not only aesthetically pleasing; the sound quality is on par with high-end 8 Ohm systems. We were so impressed with the outcome at Artifex, we have used the Sonance Professional Series on several projects since.”

- Shaun Birdsall Owner, LVAT

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Professional audio integration is more than merely filling a room with music. It’s a tangible design element and a critical part of the space’s environment that is meant to create a mood, elevate the senses and not distract from the designer’s vision and aesthetic goals. For over 30 years, the architectural speaker pioneers at Sonance have continually explored and refined the fine art of musical fidelity within a designed space, with their series of award-winning in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

“I have a musical background, so I can be a harsh critic. Whether it is playing softly in the background, or flat-out when we are at capacity, the system always sounds amazing. We are getting larger crowds that are staying longer; which is exactly what we were after. I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

- Tom Cordato Co-Founder, Artifex Brewing

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The Artifex installation consists of 8” Pendant Speakers and Pendant Woofers in the tap room, bar area and brewery to deliver high SPL when needed and strong bass augmentation throughout the space. 8” Surface Mount Speakers were mounted on the exterior wall to provide consistent sound to the beer garden area, while the IPX4 weatherproof construction ensures reliability in outdoor applications. The consistent voicing across the entire Professional Series range ensures seamless integration of sound when moving from one area to another.


PS-P83T Pendant Speaker

PS-P83WT Pendant Woofer

PS-S83T Surface Mount Speaker

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