Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) 70 Volt speaker system is totally scalable to deliver perfectly even coverage and “audiophile-like” sonic performance in any sized outdoor space. With a range of products to suit almost any throw distance and desired sound pressure level, SLS is perfect for resort gardens, golf courses, college campuses, wineries, amusement parks and outdoor malls.  In addition, the satellite and subwoofer form factor provides a versatile high performance solution for challenging indoor environments such as vaulted ceilings in bars, restaurants and clubs.



Perfect quality, perfect coverage

Sonance Landscape Series is regarded by many as the world’s best-sounding outdoor audio system. Strategically-placed satellite speakers and subwoofers encompass the perimeter of the property directing the sound towards the listening areas. The result is breathtaking performance and a perfect blanket of sound. The additional benefit is that the music is contained in the areas where it's wanted and not spilling-out to disturb adjoining properties.

Satellite speakers

Sonance Landscape Series satellite speakers feature all weather materials that deliver the sound quality that is typically only experienced from a very high-end Hi-Fi system. With three different models in the range, there is a speaker to suit any sized space and desired volume, from ambient background music to the level of a rock concert.

Smooth and powerful bass response

Sonance Landscape Series utilizes 10” and 12” below-ground subwoofers to deliver smooth and powerful bass response throughout an entire garden. The result is audiophile sound quality that fills the entire space with depth and detail.

Disappear into the surroundings

Sonance Landscape Series satellite speakers are constructed from a dark brown composite that won’t corrode or flake over time and is easily camouflaged amongst plants and foliage.  The all-weather design ensures years of reliable service, while the color-molded construction resists chipping and scratches, even if accidently hit with garden tools.

Bring the bass

Sonance Landscape Series subwoofers feature a below-ground design that Designed to hidekeeps the cabinet out-of-sight.  The only visible sign is the brown metal canopy that is discreetly hidden under plants or foliage. For courtyard applications, a Sonance hardscape subwoofer can be built into planter boxes or hidden under outdoor furniture, delivering the same big bass experience without having a negative visual impact.

Designed to hide

Once installed, a Sonance Landscape Series system is virtually
invisible, with the satellite speakers and subwoofer hidden out of sight. High fidelity sound radiates from under plants and foliage, creating a space that sounds as good as it looks.

Fully scalable, totally expandable

Sonance Landscape Series is totally scalable to suit any size space and can be expanded at any time afterwards as needed. The 70 volt / 100 volt system utilizes a daisy-chain configuration, making installation as simple as running the appropriate 4-core cable around the perimeter of the space and connecting the satellite speakers and subwoofers in an alternating left / right configuration.

Built to handle extremes

Sonance Landscape Series was designed to operate under the most extreme weather conditions, from -20˚ to 190˚ F (-29˚ to 88˚ C). Triple-sealed enclosures, waterproof connectors and marine grade components ensures SLS will stand up to the harshest elements Mother Nature dishes up, including surf, sun, sand and snow. It is this quality and durability that will gurantee years of reliable entertainment.

Flexible mounting options

Sonance Landscape Series satellite speakers feature versatile mounting hardware options, allowing them to be positioned strategically to create the optimal sound for any space.  Ground stakes are perfect for garden beds, while the surface mounts make mounting onto tree limbs or in pergolas a breeze.