Specification Value
Dimensions (WxHxD)7/16" x 5/16" x 2 1/8" (11.2mm x 8.5mm x 55mm)
FeatureSystem talk-back LED. Twelve units may be powered by one PS1 power supply.
Wire Length7' (2.1mm) to junction
LEDRed talkback LED tests system for correct wiring as well as indicating IR reception.
Nominal Reception Angle45 degrees off axis
IR Carrier Frequency Bandwidth30-110kHz
Reception Range> 25 feet
ModeNormal 3-wire mode
Long Cable Requirements3/24 to 200', 3/22 to 600', 3/20 to 2000', and 3/18 to 5000' (unshielded OK).
Maximum Current Output100mA
Power12 volts DC @ 10mA, CB1 connecting block & PS1 power supply recommended