Sonance Advanced           Room Correction

SONARC advanced room correction is a software that is built into our DSP amplifiers and cabinet subwoofers that enables the ability to tune all Sonance speakers and subwoofers to the space in which they are installed. With over 850 presets for speaker configurations and a mobile app for our cabinet subwoofers, SONARC creates a bespoke sound performance that will set your system apart. 

SONARC for Amplifiers

The new line of DSP amplifiers feature SONARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction), which offers hundreds of EQ presets designed specifically for Sonance speakers available through simple pull down menus. The presets enable effortless DSP without the need for additional hardware, software, and more importantly, time. Additionally, should there be a need for further customization, SONARC provides a 10-band parametric EQ to optimize sonic performance in any space.

SONARC for Subwoofers

SONARC App is the easiest way to perfectly tune any Sonance Impact or D8 subwoofer. You will be able to discover, tune and enjoy a subwoofer made for your room. The software includes 16 variable bands of automatic parametric equalization.



Download from the app store. The Sonance SONARC app is free and was designed to work with any iPhone. Download yours today from the App Store!