SonARC for Subwoofers


Make it custom

Sonance cabinet subwoofers come with built-in SonARC which enables you to calibrate your Sonance Subwoofer perfectly for the room and area you place it.  Download the SonARC Subwoofer app today to get started. 

 7 simple steps

The SonARC Subwoofer app was designed to calibrate your subwoofer in 7 easy steps.  Download the app and within a couple minutes you will have a perfectly tuned subwoofer.  The Sonance app works with any Apple iOS iPhone.  NOTE: The SonARC App requires use with iPhone 6S or newer and for the Bluetooth feature of the phone to be "ON".

Go wireless

In addition to precise calibration of Sonance cabinet subwoofers, Impact and D8 subwoofers also have built in wireless receivers which allow you to place the subwoofer wherever you want in the room.  Purchase the Sonance Wireless Transmitter to go wireless!  


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