Commercial Invisible Series

Sonance award-winning Invisible Series Speakers are used exclusively in luxury retail boutiques around the world, including Louis Vuitton, Prada Fendi, Gucci, Tom Ford, Valentino, Tiffany’s, Burberry, Dior and Miu Miu. 

The new Sonance Invisible Series, featuring Motion Flex Technology, offers a suite of advancements in invisible speaker engineering that together delivers unparalleled sonic performance and redefines what is possible from an invisible speaker.


Wave Flex Drive Unit

This high-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer drive unit propagates sound via a bending-wave principle, delivering velvety-smooth mids and crystal-clear highs while enabling a lower crossover point to facilitate high fidelity listening.

Air Flex Woofer

By coupling a glass-fiber woofer to our acoustically inert diaphragm via a pocket of air, the active diaphragm area moves like a piston. The result is robust and powerful bass that defies expectations and delivers unsurpassed sonic quality. 

Sonance Laminated Core Transformer (SLCT)

The Sonance Laminated Core Transformer is built into the IS6T and IS8T to deliver distortion-free, wide-bandwidth audio for uncompromising performance in 70V/100V commercial applications.

Design not Distraction

Sonance Invisible Series can be finished over with same material as the adjoining wall or ceiling surface, including regular drywall finishing compound and paint, wallpaper, wood veneer, or even venetian plaster. This feature allows Architects and Designers to specify a variety of different finishes throughout their projects without impacting the sound quality.

Eliminate the guess work

The Sonance DISC System uses a high accuracy depth gauge and embedded steel locator discs to measure the thickness of a finish applied over the surface of a Sonance Invisible Speaker. This allows for a consistent finish and performance within specifications every time.

Professional Processes

Sonance Invisible Series is complete with supporting installation accessories like pre-construction brackets, and space savers to reserve the location during the construction stage of the project. These installation accessories ensure a simple step-by-step process throughout the construction phase to reserve speaker placement and ensure a flawless finish.


Sonance IS-6T and IS-8T meet UL1480 and UL2043 standards, allowing it to be used in commercial installations throughout the United States and Canada.

Design and Specification

 The available EASE data provides system designers with the critical detail required to accurately map sound coverage throughout a space, ensuring specification is achieved and the client’s expectations are met.  Additionally.


Sonance IS-6T and IS-8T feature a 70 or 100 Volt input selection as well a low-impedance bypass, making them compatible with any industry standard commercial audio system. The IS-6T and IS-8T are transformer-coupled, with multiple tap settings and a 4-ohm bypass that are selectable from the speaker’s enclosure.