Sonance Electronics

Sonance electronics are designed to bring out the very best in the Sonance speakers.  State-of-the-art technology, combined with user-friendly features not only ensures optimum performance, it also simplifies operation and enhances reliability, resulting in a far better overall experience.


When it comes to reliable distributed audio, nobody has been doing it longer than Sonance. Building from the legacy of the Sonamp 260, recognized as the industry's first distributed audio amplifier, the new range of Sonamp Digital, and DSP Amplifiers utilize cutting-edge technology to bring out the absolute best sonic performance from Sonance speakers, while the versatile feature-sets allow them to be integrated into third-party control systems for simplicity and user-friendliness


Volume Controls and Speaker Selectors

Sonance volume controls and speaker selectors are the simplest way to increase and decrease audio levels or turn speaker zones on and off. Wall-mounted single-gang volume controls in either rotary or slider provide easy adjustment of local zones. 4 or 6- zone speaker selectors, with or without independent volume, allows control of several areas from a single location.



OptiLinq IR products provide a simple solution to controlling multiple AV devices. The IR Receivers pick up commands from an infrared remote control and send them to one or multiple points to be re-transmitted through an IR Emitter.  This system allows electronic components to be hidden in cupboards or mounted remotely in a rack while still providing a reliable means of controlling them locally from a single point.