Sonance IR products provide a simple solution to controlling multiple AV devices. The IR Receivers pick up commands from an infrared remote control and send them to one or multiple points to be re-transmitted through an IR Emitter.  This system allows electronic components to be hidden in cupboards or mounted remotely in a rack while still providing a reliable means of controlling them locally from a single point.



IR Receivers

Sonance IR Receivers are designed to simplify your audiovisual system by providing convenient locations for operation with your infrared remote control. Choose from cabinet-mount for placement in entertainment units, surface mount for custom locating positions, wall mount in a standard Decora® plate or micro for placement on electronics.

IR Emitters

Sonance IR Emitters plug into the emitter outputs on the IR connecting block and then positioned over the IR sensors’ of audio video components.  Available as a single emitter to control a single component or as a dual emitter to control two separate components. Lower-output Visible Emitter (VE) blinks red as IR code pass through to confirm operation can be placed directly over IR sensors without overload. Non-visible (E) version is also available for in-room (non-hidden) AV components or for off-axis IR sensor positioning.

IR Connecting Blocks

Sonance IR Connecting blocks are the connection point between the IR Receiver, IR Emitters and the +12vdc power supplies. Connections include input terminals for voltage, signal and ground wires, input jack for IR receivers’ pre-terminated with a stereo mini plug and emitter output jacks for single or dual emitters.