OptiLinq IR products provide a simple solution to controlling multiple AV devices. The IR Receivers pick up commands from an infrared remote control and send them to one or multiple points to be re-transmitted through an IR Emitter. This system allows electronic components to be hidden in cabinets or mounted remotely in a rack while still providing a reliable means of controlling them locally from a single point.

OptiLinq Emitters

OptiLinq Single and Dual emitters work with the the latest IR receivable AV components and require no connection blocks. Emitters come in 7 ft. lengths and can be expanded up to 25 ft. to reach remote AV components.

OptiLinq IR Repeater Kits

Control multiple AV devices with OptiLinq IR Repeater Kits. Each Kit has an available USB power option and does not require a connection block. Extendable from 7ft. to 700 ft., the line of OptiLinq IR Repeater kits effortlessly install into any job. All kits include adhesive pads for mounting emitters, and IR covers.

Signal Confirmation 

Emitter LED blinks red to confirm signal transmission. No more guessing if the signal was received.

Universal Compatibility

Emitters are compatible with the latest AV components

Reach every component

Each emitter cable spans 7 ft., and can be extended to up to 25 ft.

Control up to 4 AV devices

2 dual emitters provide coverage for 4 AV devices and work with the latest IR receiving components.

USB power option

The available USB power option provides installation flexibility.

No need for blocks

Bulky connection blocks have been eliminated for clean and simple installs.

Going the distance

Use Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 to extend the IR repeater system up to 700ft in length to reach AV equipment almost anywhere.

Power where you want it

Power the IR repeater system on either the receiver side or the emitter side for easy installation.

USB power option

The available USB power option provides installation flexibility.