Dana Innovations

Established in the early 1980s, Southern California-based Dana Innovations is the parent company of Sonance, iPort and TRUFIG. With distribution in over 100 countries around the world, each brand offers innovative and unique solutions that harmoniously blend technology and aesthetics - a philosophy that is favored by architects, interior designers, custom installers, home, and business owners throughout the world.


Sonance began in 1983 when Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer recognized the need for an audio solution that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion. It was this revelation that led them to invent the world’s first architectural speaker. The rest is history.

In the 30 years that followed, Sonance has continued to invent, lead, and reinvent with a range of state-of-the-art products that deliver the perfect balance of performance and design.

From the “Degrees of Invisibility” of its in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, to the cutting-edge outdoor audio systems, commercial solutions and electronics, Sonance is committed to building products that deliver best-in-class performance and aesthetics combined with the most versatile and flexible installation processes available.

With this commitment to excellence, it is little wonder Sonance has become the most recognized and highly awarded manufacturer in the architectural speaker and outdoor audio categories worldwide.


iPort is a consumer electronics company led by a group of techno-philosophers and design engineers that invented the world’s first in-wall dock for iPod.

iPort innovates by addressing the usage habits of mobile devices in the commercial and residential spaces and creating accessories   that  connect  technology   and   life   in meaningful ways.

The iPort portfolio includes LaunchPort, the world’s first and only inductive charging system for iPad, Charge Case and Stand, an all-in-one case, charger and stand solution for iPad, and  Control  Mount,  the  world’s  most  elegant  in-wall  mount for iPad. 

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TRUFIG is a revolutionary solution that allows devices to be installed completely flush with the wall or ceiling surface, ensuring the integrity of the designed space is not compromised by “technology clutter”. The level of precision and refinement that TRUFIG brings to a project has made it a favorite of architects, designers and property owners in both residential and commercial markets alike.

TRUFIG's philosophy is built on the principles of the highest level of attention to detail combined with a systematic, precision-fit approach to installation that makes perfection both achievable and repeatable.

TRUFIG delivers consistency, camouflage and a finish that is totally flush by design.

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