Sonance has a Subwoofer to suit nearly every home theater application. The range of Visual Performance Series in-wall Subwoofers deliver the big bass of a large cabinet Subwoofer without sacrificing floor space, while the microtrim grille provides a clean and discreet aesthetic that can be painted to match the surrounding wall color. For traditional installations, Sonance cabinet subwoofers feature a form factor that can be hidden behind furniture or incorporated into cabinetry, while the front mounted controls and integrated amplifiers simplify the installation process.



Big bass without losing floor space

Sonance in-wall subwoofers utilize the world's largest triple neodymium magnets, dual inverted spiders and a rigid laminated carbon fiber cone to achieve deep, impactful bass from a shallow design that can be installed into a standard wall cavity. 

Discreet low-profile grille

Sonance’s in-wall subwoofers uses the same low-profile grille design as the rest of the Sonance Visual Performance Series product range, delivering a consistent aesthetic throughout the entire home. The grilles are also paintable, allowing them to blend discretely into the adjoining wall surface.

Custom-tuned amplifier

Each Sonance in-wall Subwoofer utilizes a purpose-built amplifier that is specifically fine-tuned to deliver the best possible bass response from each speaker. This ensures that optimum sonic performance and ultimate listening experience is achieved in every installation.

Ground-shaking bass

Sonance cabinet subwoofers feature a high excursion, anodized aluminum woofer in a sealed and heavily braced ½” MDF and particleboard enclosure, for tight, well-defined bass response. The integrated amplifier provides ample for even the biggest room, while the front-mounted controls provides the flexibility  to  adjust  as needed.

Elegant piano-black finish

Sonance cabinet subwoofers feature a high gloss piano-black finish and black cloth speaker grille to deliver an elegant and minimalistic aesthetic. The cabinet dimensions have been kept to a minimum to reduce the visual impact in the room.

Three sizes, three power levels

Sonance cabinet subwoofers are available in three sizes and power levels to deliver the perfect amount of bass for any room size and every application. The different dimension options also provides the flexibility to select the correct size to fit into cabinetry or hide behind furniture.

New construction

Sonance new construction subwoofers feature a specialized in-wall cabinet design that is installed behind the drywall during the building or renovating process, leaving only the low-profile grille visible in the room. This unique form factor delivers the output of a large cabinet subwoofer without sacrificing floor space or compromising the aesthetics of the room.

Existing construction 

The Sonance in-wall subwoofer features an integrated enclosure that is front-installed into a new or existing wall, leaving only its low-profile grille visible in the room. The tuned and sealed design delivers maximum bass response from its compact size while minimizing disturbance to adjoining rooms.

Cabinet Subwoofers

Sonance cabinet subwoofers feature front-mounted controls and recessed amplifiers to allow them to be placed under shelves, built into cabinets or hidden behind furniture. The simple line-level and speaker-level inputs/outputs and auto power-on, provides extremely simple and flexible connection options.