Ethos is an upscale restaurant that pays tribute to the Mediterranean and is designed to draw in an audience of up and coming entrepreneurs and business professionals. These elements show up in the food, the interiors, and the people. Each aspect is interpreted in a revitalized context with a South African flavor.


Ethos restaurant brings something new to South Africa. The attention to detail is exquisite. From the elegant plating of the food to the warmth of the lighting, every detail is accounted for. To create the desired mood for the space, there needed to be an added audio experience where sound comes from seemingly everywhere without the look of big bulky speakers hanging from the wall or ceiling.


Adding audio to the space needed to meet stringent demands to match the carefully curated details throughout the restaurant. The audio had to be visually minimalistic so as not to be a distraction from the overall feeling of the space. The sound quality needed to be superb and the atmosphere needed to be comfortable. The system would need to deliver music at the perfect level, comfortable to listen to without distracting or interfering with conversation in any way



Recognizing the importance of selecting a sleek, reliable, and capable audio system, the Ethos design team partnered with the experts at ProAudio, DJHeaven, and DeVrye Automation. Ultimately, the team selected Sonance Professional Series as the audio solution to meet the requirements for Ethos to complete the overall atmosphere and dining experience.



As the first implementation of Sonance Professional Series products into a project in Africa, Ethos is breaking ground for endless possibilities of future commercial projects that may choose to feature Sonance Professional Series. The speakers are available in various form factors with a minimalistic finish and shape to blend into any space and provide proper audio intelligibility and coverage for a comfortable experience. The result is audio that sounds great but is almost invisible. The music can be heard but the source cannot be easily determined by the ear or the eye. The audio does not take away from the environment, but rather, it adds the perfect touch to it.